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Dhanlaxmi Chemicals is a fast growing Company, Manufacturer of Dye and Drugs Intermediates. Creating niche for itself in the extremely competitive chemical industry.Located in the western region of india, called "golden corridor".

Dhanlaxmi Chemicals is engaged in in manufacturing Dye and Drugs Intermediates, used for manufacturing of Drugs, Medicine, colours, Catalists, Other Intermediates, Agro chemical dyes, Dyestuffs, Adhesives, Plastic Industriesand many more.

Dhanlaxmi chemical
Factory at Nandasari
  Clientele Industries  
We caterers wide range of industries through our products manufactured with orgenic synthesis process. Our products range includes additives, dyestuffs, and functional materials.
Clientele Industries
Quality Policy
  Enhanced performance in all areas of operation and their monitoring for its effectiveness.  
Para Nitro Phenol-Na
Para Nitro Phenol
Ortho Nitro Phenol-Na
Ortho Nitro Phenol
2, 4 - DiNitro Phenol
4 - Chloro-2-Nitrophenol