Para Nitro Phenol-Na  
Para Nitro Phenol  
Ortho nitro Phenol-Na  
Ortho nitro Phenol  
2, 4 - Dinitro Phenol  
4 - Chloro-2-Nitrophenol  
  Environmental Concern  

     The company’s Effluent Treatment Policy ensures that the effluents are so managed that they are safe to be disposed off. This is achieved by treating the effluents for primary treatment within our own premises and then disposing them to the ISO – 14000 certified common effluent treatment plant (CETP) of Nandesari Industries Association.

We are committed to environment preservation at all cost-uncompromisingly.

Clean Environment

     Our highly competent team of multi-disciplinary professionals is engaged in innovative researches and for integrating the same in manufacturing line to achieve desired outcomes. For Dhanlaxmi Chemicals, innovative research is the only key to create a mark in the industry.

     State of the art technology, innovative research team, mass production capabilities and exemplary commitment for the time lines of customers has reaped results and we strive relentlessly for including newer products based on the requirement of time and our customers.