Para Nitro Phenol-Na
Para Nitro Phenol
Ortho Nitro Phenol-Na
Ortho Nitro Phenol
2, 4 - DiNitro Phenol
4 - Chloro-2-Nitrophenol


We, at Dhanlaxmi chemicals, constantly endaevour to satisfy our clientele on both fronts - the quality and the rate. The infrastructure and know how available with us has time and again proved instrumental in catering to the varied needs of our esteemed customers.

As desired, the details of machinery and infrastructure available with us is described below:

Dhanlaxmi Chemicals Plant


Machine Name Capacity MOC No.


Auto Clave 2.5 KL M.S 2


Reactor 3.0 KL S.S. 1


Crystallizer 2.0 KL M.S. 2


Crystallizer 2.0 KL S.S 1


Centrifuge 36" Dia S.S 3


Distillation unit 50.00 L Glass 1


Rubber line Reactor 5.0 KL M.S.R.L 1


Lift Filter 250 L S.S. 1


Dome Filter 100 L S.S. 1


Tray Drier 96 Tray Fibre 1


Boiler 800 kg/hr M.S 1


Filter Nutch 5KL M.S.R.L 2

Apart from above, our manufacturing unit is spread in an area of over 1500 sq.m. and is well equipped with all necessary infra structural facilities like 60 HP electric connection, 24-hour water supply, Air Compressor, Vaccum pump etc.